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No Longer Seen

  Heading south next weekend to see the old elementary school before it’s demolished. It seems fitting to post a collection of images of places that, like the school will soon be, are razed, “no

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NW big


Exciting to have some color photos to show, as all my formal images up till now have been in black and white. Here are a few from Virginia, a working title on top, and

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Back from Virginia

Had a wonderful time in Virginia – thanks to all who hosted me – you know who you are! Also thanks to the staff of the Virginia Festival of the Book, to our panel

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“the sea of time”

  TWO BOOK LAUNCH PARTIES!! IN CHICO, AT 1078 GALLERY, THURSDAY JUNE 2, 7PM IN REDONDO BEACH, AT COFFEE CARTEL, SUNDAY JUNE 19, Time TBA (late afternoon) So pleased to announce a second book get-together, this one in

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The Benefits of Liver Soup

Hunger Pangs, Part 1: sweet solitude

Thanks to Sarah Pape and the folks at 1078 Gallery in Chico for inviting me to participate in their summer reading series last week. It was great fun and a real pleasure to hear

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Police Special

For Audrey Totter, 1917-2013 For the west side and the Hollywood hills, the northern boundary of this sense of region, I came to rely on films like In a Lonely Place, The Big Sleep, Mickey

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Avenue C

Straight On

I’d have a rental car and drive through places seeing what would catch my eye, park, jump out, set up the tripod, and take the picture. In Redondo, a sense of being on home

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Buick Crop


This week I went to a seminar in Chico about how to get published. In the back room of a local bookstore, twenty or so of us sat around a conference table while Dan,

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the secret hearts of the houses

Gravy Train

My working life began in places like half-addresses, gardening, clipping, pulling dead jacaranda leaves from a kidney shaped planter box edged in brick along a stuccoed garage wall under a cooling gray while my

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Neon C website

The Big Glowing Images

The early 1970s, my Volkswagen fogged with pot smoke, I drive to the revival houses thriving around LA, the Fox Venice, the Nuart, the Beverly. In these years, inside the fading movie palaces

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