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“the sea of time”

  TWO BOOK LAUNCH PARTIES!! IN CHICO, AT 1078 GALLERY, THURSDAY JUNE 2, 7PM IN REDONDO BEACH, AT COFFEE CARTEL, SUNDAY JUNE 19, Time TBA (late afternoon) So pleased to announce a second book get-together, this one in

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Police Special

For Audrey Totter, 1917-2013 For the west side and the Hollywood hills, the northern boundary of this sense of region, I came to rely on films like In a Lonely Place, The Big Sleep, Mickey

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The Big Glowing Images

The early 1970s, my Volkswagen fogged with pot smoke, I drive to the revival houses thriving around LA, the Fox Venice, the Nuart, the Beverly. In these years, inside the fading movie palaces

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At Grauman’s Egyptian

We were coming up the aisle toward the lobby in Grauman’s Egyptian in 1954 when Father observed, “That Dan Dailey certainly loves to sing and dance, doesn’t he?” Mother often didn’t approve of irony. “Oh

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