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A Last Look – South/Patterson School

By the time this is posted, the buildings in these photos will likely be gone. The school is scheduled to be demolished sometime in October to make way for senior housing. It’s hard to

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rubble glimpse three

No Longer Seen

  Heading south next weekend to see the old elementary school before it’s demolished. It seems fitting to post a collection of images of places that, like the school will soon be, are razed, “no

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NW big


Exciting to have some color photos to show, as all my formal images up till now have been in black and white. Here are a few from Virginia, a working title on top, and

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Back to Old Virginia!

So happy to announce I will be a featured author at the @VaBookFest taking place from March 22-26! The Festival is a five-day celebration of books, reading, and literary culture, and the best part… it’s FREE! All

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“the sea of time”

  TWO BOOK LAUNCH PARTIES!! IN CHICO, AT 1078 GALLERY, THURSDAY JUNE 2, 7PM IN REDONDO BEACH, AT COFFEE CARTEL, SUNDAY JUNE 19, Time TBA (late afternoon) So pleased to announce a second book get-together, this one in

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The suitor observed by the Stout sisters, Sunday walk, 1912

“Who is she waiting for?”

the slightly mysterious grandparents, one century ago… In January of 1913, in Lincoln, Nebraska, Nell’s father died, age 63. The children, said the funeral notice, were “privileged to be with their father and administer to

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The Benefits of Liver Soup

Hunger Pangs, Part 1: sweet solitude

Thanks to Sarah Pape and the folks at 1078 Gallery in Chico for inviting me to participate in their summer reading series last week. It was great fun and a real pleasure to hear

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nance at arrowhd website

A Single Bright Event

I liked to think of Aunt Nancy’s musical gift pausing for a generation in one of her female forebears along the New River – they’d been there since before the revolution – a little

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nell and lynn after wedding wbsite

The Angel Wrote and Vanished

A certain eccentricity ran among the three closest sisters of my grandmother’s family, Nell, Sue and Evelyn, and quirky stories followed each of them through their lives. In her one room school in the

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The Jesus Road

For a wild place, Buffalo had many soothing beauties. In the mid-1920s, after they had left the homestead and moved into town for good, in the summer evenings the family would drive in the

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